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Alumni Celebrate
10 Years of Business

Studying for a degree has always been a time to make friends, but two University of Wolverhampton alumni went one step further: after graduating, they teamed up as business partners.

Now, a decade after Mike Chinn and Matt Weston founded the video production and animation company Stone’s Throw Media, they’re raising a glass to ten years of successful growth.

Matt said: “It feels like a lot of it only happened yesterday and these ten years have absolutely flown. I look back with a lot of pride on what we’ve been able to do as a team and in this community.

I originated from a small sleepy town with a working-class family, and I’m the only one who got the chance to go to university. I couldn’t have imagined this was possible when we started out.

Stone’s Throw Media has since expanded to a team of eight staff, helped high-profile clients that include Wolverhampton Wanderers FC, Redrow, and Greene King, and had continued growth in 2021.

Matt says that the business start-up support scheme SPEED, available through the University of Wolverhampton, was essential to the company’s achievements.

He continues: “SPEED helped us with so much: setting up correctly, understanding the differences between partnerships and Ltd companies, how to position yourselves, pricing and knowing the value you can add, making sure the business was set up correctly, and boosting our confidence. “SPEED and the brilliant team with Phil and Sarah have been instrumental.”

Stone’s Throw Media has worked with a variety of different companies and groups, but Matt says that those which help others are the closest to his heart. “I personally always enjoy the projects that have a help element to them, which tend to be health-related or charity-related. We made one video on lymphedema for example, which has become the go-to video within the NHS for people with that condition to hopefully calm them down and educate them.”

With last year’s impressive continued growth, the future is bright for both the company and the alumni duo. There is even a secret project underway that Matt and Mike are especially excited about – but for now, they’re keeping it under wraps. Matt says: “It’s all hush-hush and we can’t say much. We are collaborating with a leading animation company and making a children’s cartoon, but cannot say much more.”

He adds: “Thanks to the University of Wolverhampton. If it wasn’t for the likes of Paul Brighton, my old lecturer who sadly passed away recently, I wouldn’t have had the confidence or opportunities to try out different disciplines which ultimately led us to where we are today.”