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Alumni Love Stories

Elle and Liz

Laura Anne Jones, known as Elle, studied at the University’s Wolverhampton City Campus from 2008 to 2015, completing an LLB Law degree, postgraduate diploma and Master’s degree. It wasn’t until 2011 that Elizabeth Anne Crampin – Liz to her friends – also arrived on campus to study a BSc in Civil and Environmental Engineering, changing the course of both their lives, with friendship blooming into love over the following years.

“We met in the MC building in 2011 at the Wolves Anime Club and became fast friends. Elle would always greet me warmly with a hug. I asked Elle out in 2013 and have been inseparable ever since.

“We had lots of the same interests and just clicked. We never had trouble thinking of what to say to each other and always wanted to be together. The University was our second home. It’s where we got together, spent the early days of our relationship, and made lifelong friends.

“In 2018, Elle took me back to the same spot in London where we first got together and proposed to me. We’ve been together for nearly 10 years now!”

The importance of their time together at the University is reflected in their decision to return to campus to celebrate their big day.

“We got married on the 30th July 2022. We only got the green light to go ahead at the end of May so planned everything from catering to decorations in a little under 2 months. Elle works in the project co-ordination space in finance which was a massive help!

“Our friends from uni really helped support us to put the day together. It was really lovely to come back and reminisce with all of our friends on our time there. And we can’t imagine a more perfect day."

Nikki and Richard

Nikki Alvey (nee MacIntyre) and Richard Alvey both studied applied science at Wolverhampton City Campus, graduating in 1998.

Like countless other students over the years, they moved into Waterloo Road halls, only a block apart, but it wasn’t until a mutual friend introduced them that Nikki met Richard: “The first time I saw him he was strumming his guitar in his room - he just looked so deep in thought, and I thought: I’d like to get to know you.”

Unknown to her, Nikki had already caught Richard’s eye: “I remember seeing Nikki unloading her car and was immediately drawn to her. Nikki had a real presence of kindness and innocence about her.”

Nikki continues: “We moved in together after year one, married in 1999, bought a house in 2000, and our kids arrived in 2005 and 2006."

Richard adds: “We’ve thrived. Nikki has always been quite driven and runs her own business which makes me want to do better.”

Nikki says: “I can’t think of what my life would be like without Wolves! The University gave us a chance to get our degrees, find our life partners and we have two wonderful kids."

Richard agrees: “It was a hugely critical in shaping my future. The course was engaging and expanded my curious nature to new levels. I am still in contact with people from my time in Wolves.

“Of course, the greatest takeaway from those three years is Nikki. Literally the best thing that ever happened to me. She has a heart of gold. Putting up with me all these years is pretty impressive.”

Nikki is equally proud of Richard: “He’s still as amazing as when I first met him. I’m hugely proud of the way he tackles things.”

Barbara and Sheilah

Sheilah (She) Brookes and Barbara (Barb) Bushell met as students in 1995 on the University’s Dudley Campus. Becoming a couple a year later, they lived in London and then emigrated to Australia before returning to the UK in 2018.

“The University has shaped our lives in terms of understanding our role in society and understanding where we are positioned as women, which gave us the confidence to seek out opportunities and carve out a life we wanted to live.

“Leaving Wolverhampton in 1999, we relocated to London for several years. Sheilah worked as a deputy manager of a women’s hostel and Barbara joined the Metropolitan Police."

Deciding to seize the opportunity, Barbara emigrated to Australia to join the South Australia Police, with Sheilah following 12 months later due to family commitments.”

After moving between Australian locations over the next few years, they applied for citizenship, and University of Wolverhampton lecturer Pat Green provided a statement to prove they were a couple way back in 1997.

“Before returning home in 2018, we decided to buy a Camper trailer and an X-Trail, leaving for a 9-week tour of Australia. We now live near Wrexham in Wales and spend time with our growing family, which includes five offspring, seven grandchildren and one great-grandson.”

Sheilah adds: “Everything we do, we do together. Be it work, family, health or social life. She fills my heart.”

Barbara concludes: “I’m particularly proud that we never stop learning in our relationship. We support each other and we continue to empower each other, but most importantly, we still laugh together."